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A little about me

Thanks for popping onto my site from all over the world . I'm an ADI approved Driving School & an Approved Fleet trainer/assessor. I also have a DIAmond Advanced Special Driver cert. In my driving carrer I have now covered over 2 million miles based in Kent also operating in Central London(E,EC,WC), and South East (course's).

I do provide an excellent reliable service. Arriving on time, no restricted hours of training, flexability within reason. Automatic (Nissan Note) lessons are covered in all CT postcodes. The car I use is up to date with Cruise Control and Tom Tom fitted as standard which is very useful to use whilst learning to drive because in the near future cars will be standard. So you will have the confidence to know how to use them both. Car is regularly serviced and always in good working order. Drives like an automatic!

Driving courses (Semi & One Week only) can be covered anywhere in Kent and some parts of South East London now also including Central London. (Check for availability first. short notice isn't easy to fit in with current contracts.)

All courses are provided with a training book, DVD's to revise before lesson. It has been proved that preparing will give you a greater chance to pass first time by using the LDC system. I have recently introduced a one price and 3 driving tests included + money back reward if you pass on the first or second attempt. That can be used to further training such as motorway/safe driving skills. Look at price page for further details. It has been brought to my attention by many past & present pupils that I have very good skills to help very nervous drivers overcome their fears of driving. So here it is I can help anybody!!

I also have Lady Instructors that can provide lessons, so if you require her please ask when you make your enquiry. We cover as far down as Ramsgate and most of Kent. Automatic's available in Ramsgate.


Our aim

Our goal is to get you through the driving test with good driving skills for continued safer driving when you have passed, This also depends on your commitment of learning and also using the training tools provided whilst providing the highest possible standard of training,There are no problems in how quickly you learn as we can work on your progress at your level of learning. If you use & study on your course you will spend more time driving giving you a very good chance to pass first time!


I trained with LDC and stayed with them for 5 years. I liked their style of training and I continue to coach using their training tools. Over last few years examiners have commented on how good my standard of coaching is. I put this down to my flexible style of coaching.This also works very well for your weekly lessons as well! Pupils have also commented that having come from another instructor that my style is totally different and very helpful. Better explanations given are mentioned and they don't mind paying the extra because we are really learning.Look at my guest page . Pupils have also stated that this car is very easy to drive. I continue to enrich my skills and gained my fleet badge. I've now started a course to become an instructors trainer for those wanting to become an instructor and to added to the ORDIT register. So you can see that I'm keen to build my coaching skills to help all in their training.


Please do take a look my funnies page for some amusing tales that have happened on lessons or on the driving test. I also offer Pass Plus a course on motorway & general driving .Defencive driving courses are becoming popular. Adrian Flux starts with a minimum of 15% off your insurance & this will help reduce your insurance premium. Quote i 671 .( 0800 081 0446 )The DSA published that it now takes on average 52 hours of driving to pass your test. I use a system does work for most pupils. (30-35 Hrs) I don't publish my stats but you may ask when contacting me. Young Marmalade is an option for those that can afford to buy a car through them up to 3 years old.

Pupils taught so far have been from Algeria,Angola,Botswana,Congo,CapeVerde,Ethiopia,Ghana,Kenya,Nigeria,Tanzania, Tunisia,Zambia,SouthAfrica,Zimbabwe,Lithuania,Romania,Turkey,Rep.of Ireland,Russia,Holland,Greece,Cyprus,Ukraine,Iran,Syria, Palestine,India,Pakistan, Bangladesh,Malaysia, Vietnam,Thailand,China, Hong Kong,Brazil,Peru,Columbia,Canada,Australia and USA. (40 countries)

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